Algonquin + What We Make


Let's Build Something.

Everything old can be new again at What We Make in Algonquin. Tucked away in the Algonquin Makers Park, not far from Scorched Earth Brewing, What We Make turns old-growth reclaimed wood into eco-friendly, fashion-forward handmade furniture.

What started in the garage of Dan and George Quinn is now a 13,000-square foot woodworking shop at 207 Berg St. A true family affair, What We Make includes the parents of Dan and George and their wives.

Why Algonquin? Dan Quinn says the location is excellent and the cost reasonable for a maker-driven start-up. The location made it easier to get high quality reclaimed barnwood and ship products around the U.S. “[The Algonquin Makers Park] is a great area for industrial. With the river and the thick forest right off the main drive it’s a great place to work and our customers love it,” says Dan.

The company’s success and growth has been so rapid that as of June 2018 the Quinn’s had already doubled revenue over 2017.

So why is What We Make A+ Algonquin? “Our focus was to make sure we weren’t mass producing pieces and that we are focusing on craftsmanship,” says Dan.

Advantage Algonquin.