Algonquin + Northwest Pulmonary

Let's Launch Something.

Sleep and respiratory medicine specialist Dr. Dennis Kellar MD, FCCP, DABSM, was looking to centralize his practice in a new and state-of-the-art facility that would give all of his patients convenient access to him and his highly certified staff.

His search led him to the East Algonquin Redevelopment Corridor, an area of reinvestment into new projects and rejuvenation on East Algonquin Road. Algonquin helped Dr. Kellar to build a new facility that would place him in the center of all of his patients. This new facility, says Dr. Kellar, gives the Northwest Pulmonary staff the ability to offer better care, a larger number of services and unique testing (usually limited to a hospital) all at a lower cost to his patients. 

So why is Northwest Pulmonary A+ Algonquin? “The quality is in the comprehensive care in one location. We have licensed professionals in every service we offer. You can’t find that in any other practice. We provide the utmost care,” says Dr. Kellar. And to Dr. Kellar, Algonquin is the perfect place to provide world class care. 

Advantage Algonquin.